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Wise Conflict Management

How do you deal with conflicts? Be honest!

Some people tend to shy away from conflicts. They are sweeping everything under the infamous carpet for as long as possible. Confrontations are avoided or quick to end. Consequently, vitality, happiness and creativity fall by the wayside.

Others rather tend to be fully confrontational. They argue with everyone about everything. Sometimes, they won’t stop before the complete destruction of common ground has been „achieved“.

Did you ever experience that your customers, colleagues, friends, partners or even yourself considered an adversary as to be either stupid, mentally disturbed or just a bad person? … Be sure, you will be in very best company!

In the course of this workshop, you will focus on and differentiate your habitual patterns. The intention and goal is to improve your individual conflict capability and strength.

Why should you do so and what could be the benefit of these enhancements of skills?

It gives you more freedom and choices of action and makes it easier to maneuver through difficult or even painful situations in a collision free course.