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Smart Conflict Management & Mediation

»How do you deal with conflicts? Be honest!«

Some tend to shy away from conflicts. They sweep everything under the notorious carpet, avoid and suppress disputes for as long as possible.

Others tend to be fully confrontational. They argue with everyone about everything. Sometimes they won’t even stop until total destruction of common ground has been “achieved”.

Do you think others are stupid, sick or evil from time to time? – A warm welcome!
You are in best company!

According to the Austrian philosopher and communication scientist
Paul Watzlawick,
everyone of us thinks that his or her reality is the real reality.

I offer mediations and seminars for smart conflict management. Both for companies and organizations as well as for private individuals.

Would you like to achieve more clarity in a conflict yourself, prepare a conflict discussion or develop a negotiation strategy? Is the other conflicting party not willing to talk or further development erratic?


For peace with peaceful means.


» Language is a great source of misunderstanding «
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry