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One Party Mediation

Even if it may sound like an invitation to a party at a first glance … 
One-Party-Mediation is a solution-oriented and structured systemic process, enabling conflict resolutions with only one conflict party and one mediator.

In a quiet atmosphere and in private. Expressively face-saving, discreet and “unbloody”. Recommended if (initially) only one party is willing to talk or if there is an increased risk of further escalations.

At the same time, you can use one-party mediation to prepare for conflict discussions, develop strategies for demanding negotiations or contractual arrangements and thus achieve successful results.

I offer one-party mediation as individual as well as team workshops. Both for companies and organizations as well as for private individuals.


» Peace comes to those who prepare it «

Indian Wisdom


»Dear Andrea, In the case of an apparently insoluble conflict with an executive colleague, you suggested a one-party mediation. First, I was sceptical because I couldn’t imagine that this would work. After all, I was of the opinion that my colleague had to change.

In the course of the mediation, thanks to your help, I managed to sort my thoughts and feelings in such a way that a process of changing my perspective began.

In the meantime, I have been able to meet my colleague more rationally and less emotionally. Our cooperation has improved considerably, my life is now much more pleasant!

The best thing about it is that my colleague didn’t have to do anything differently, it was enough that I changed. And I certainly needed less energy for that than if I had continued to try to change him.«

(Partner of a medium-sized company)