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Take smart decisions with your mind, heart and gut

Whom do you ask when you need to take an important decision? Your partner, friends, family, colleagues, yourself, a combination of all or somebody completely different? How do you handle your doubts?

The three-dimension coaching tool  ›mind • heart • gut‹  deals with your inner steering impulses as well as with your decision taking competence in difficult situations.

Some people are mainly driven by their mind. They think, weigh the pros and cons, judge and decide. Following an intellectual and logical path.

Some people are driven by their heart. They take inspired, courageous and trustful decisions. Maybe they are even romantics as well.

Others entirely believe in their gut feeling. They take decisions in an instinctive, spontaneous, impulsive and passionate way. Without thinking about it too long.

In the course of this workshop, you will focus on and differentiate your habitual patterns. The intention and goal is to connect the three intelligence centres of mind, heart and gut in a reliable and trustful way.

Why should you do so and what could be the benefit of using your whole team instead of, for instance, your mind or gut only?

It is easier to take a strong decision. There is less doubt and it leads you to a very smart and sustainable inner decision team as well as to a refined intuition!